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Monoprints with plants

May 23rd, 2017

I’ve been wanting to do something with leaves etc that I saved from last spring and summer and now that my eyes are on the mend I decided to try some mono printing. I have previously printed from natural objects that were glued to a base and ran through a press but I don’t currently have a press and I wanted to try various ways of using the same material more than once. These leaves have been sitting in a pile on my table all winter and finally ended up in a bag hanging from my bulletin board so the time had come.

First experiments
First tests of monoprinting with plants

Some were used alone, some in combination with each other, and some repeated in the same print. I used a mix of red, green, and yellow inks as well as straight black. Some results are more successful than others but I really am excited about the whole process and may combine this with some of my rusty bit prints.

Leaves after printing
I love the look of these leaves after they were used for printing.

Here are the leaves I used (and the “helicopters” from the maple trees). Think they will have a future life as well!

Final Little Looms Project

March 9th, 2017

The final project in Rebecca Mezoff’s “Little Looms” online tapestry workshop was to weave some letters. I decided to weave this sideways and leave some fringe. I designed the letters and while they didn’t look quite like this, you get the idea. It’s 2.5″ x 4″ woven 8 epi on my Hokett loom.
The green and bright orange yarns are natural dyed and the brown is natural fleece handspun. The background and the white are commercial, all from my yarn stash and the depths of history…

small tabestry
Love my little lettering tapestry.

Again, I’m happy with the results and the color but the jaunty charm is mostly due to my inexperience.

Weaving Shells

January 12th, 2017

We had a snowy day on Jan 7th and I settled down with my snuffy cold to warp my little loom. I was starting the part of the Little Looms Workshop dealing with curves and decided to work with the drawings I’ve been doing of the small shell bits I gathered on the beach shortly after Christmas. I loved their curving stripes of various oranges and had been wanting to do something with some dye samples I had. I had used various mordants with onion skins with one dye bath to produce a range of colors. So I warped the loom, made a series of simplified sketches, and wound my samples into little balls of yarn.

Hokett loom balls of yarn
Getting set up on a snowy day!

There are 4 different shades of orange: a dark brown using chrome and iron, a brighter orange above that using alum, tin and iron, a lower chroma resulting from just alum and tin and finally the top two had no mordant at all, plus white. These samples were done years ago and I was pleased that not only could I find the small skeins but also my dye notes with attached samples. I was taught by very thorough teachers. Linda Berry Walker, Myrlie Misskelly and Trudy Van Stralen to name a few.
One of the reasons I wanted to do these small tapestries was to use some of these small samples.

Hokett loom
Finished product with it’s inspiration.

I’ve learned a lot and still have a lot to learn. I like the free forms of these arcs but I’d like to gain more control over my weaving – time and practice… I also wanted to have more variety in the orange areas but felt at this stage i had enough to work with keeping all the yarns in the correct sheds. This too will get better with practice – so I may revisit this idea in the future but for now I’m pleased with the result.

Drawing class-Color

November 18th, 2016

One of my favorite exercises I have my drawing students do is to draw/paint with watercolors a set up of white objects with colored gels on the lights. It adds to the study and observation of values, helping to train their eye to see what they see and not what they think they know is there. It’s also pretty and a bit dramatic.

Color setup
Color set up for my drawing class at philadelphia University.

More Sketching

April 1st, 2016

Been off on my eco dyeing binge and need to get back to sketching—so since it’s spring, here are some spring sketches! Feeling rusty with my watercolors…

Getting back to sketching

Been a while

October 23rd, 2015

Been a while. Been busy with school – starting to work with life models and that’s a big jump into complicated drawing for freshmen. Then taking a break with the surface imaging work – seems everyone and her sister is going there and perhaps the main folk who benefit are those who have sites to upload work?? Not a bad thing as they help and offer a lot to designers but need to step back and think about it.

So, I’ve been working on my drawing and painting while all the above percolates in my brain

Been working with pastels.

Seeing where this takes me and working on my painting – think I finished a painting I did on Irish Skies that I’ve been looking at for a couple of years…Perhaps it’s finished…

The pastels are about seeing where things take me and making marks. Trying for something new but I see that my birds are showing up in one… The green one peaking out of the top is an outgrowth of a weaving I’m working on that is an out growth of a Theo Moorman technique I’ve been interested in – it’s all connected somewhere whether I know it or not.