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Where is the Summer Going?

July 8th, 2017

Been a while… trip to Chicago for Bobby and Liz’s wedding – beautiful wedding and got to spend time with my sister, Nathalie, which was a treat as she lives in FL and we don’t get to see each other very much! Did a lot in a short time, visited Fermi Labs (that was a treat) and photographed bison, got into Chicago which I haven’t been to since I studied at Lake Forest many years and another life time ago… Did an architectural boat tour and to the Museum of Science and Industry to see their train exhibit which was on Bob’s list. Saw Hope and Cindy coming and going in Columbus… so that was a major quick trip…oh did I mention it was a road trip!

Image of Robert and Liz McQuade Image of Wilson Hall at Fermi Labs
Wedding and Fermi Labs
Image of Bison at Fermi Labs Image of Bob Emmott photographing at Museum of Science and Industry
Bison and Bob

Been working on a web site for a neighborhood group which is coming along but taking longer than it should due to my eye surgery…but that’s been fun working with the members of the group. Other stuff here and there but… WHERE’S THE SUMMER GOING… Getting ready for a trip to Colorado – visit Mary and Estes and then study tapestry with Rebecca Mezoff – this is not a road trip! Once I’m back, we hope to get in a trip to Maine and then school will be starting. I will no longer teach at Philadelphia University but at a hybrid called “Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)” – I’m not to say “…formally Philadelphia University” so I won’t – I’ll say “…formally Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science” which it was and still is in some hearts!

Taste the Ocean

December 29th, 2016

Every year between Christmas and New Years I like to taste the ocean – sort of touching the rest of the world and reminding my self that there’s more to life than the day to day! Not that I mind my day to day—I love my work and I enjoy teaching but by the end of the year I need recharging and there’s nothing like an empty beach – or nearly empty beach with endless waves to do that.

Photographing down the shore Ocean waves
The light keep changing – sparkling off the waves. Almost every image I took had a different feeling.

Leaf in sand Broken shell Shells

At first it looked like the beach had very little on it but there are always treasures if you keep looking—this single leaf, a broken shell here, another there. My gift for the day was Orange, orange stones, orange shell bits, stripes and patterns of all sorts! These will show up in studies of stripes, of curves in my little tapestries, perhaps even paintings…they fill my dreams!

Beach textures
Sand fence mMrks in Sand
More textures and patterns.

It was a beautiful day—not too cold for late Dec. Sun in and out—always changing— clean, crisp fresh air—this will keep me working for a while!

Chili and Beer

And we like to end this yearly tradition with a crock of chili and a beer at Charlie’s in Somers Point, NJ. Oh, and the ocean tasted salty!

New Society6 Section

August 20th, 2015

Came back from Maine with lots of rock images which I thought would make good iPhone cases and the like. So… I opened a site at Society6 to showcase the work. Here are a few of the cases. I like the contrast of the rocks and technology.

iPhone case iPhone case iPhone case
These were all studies of rocks

These designs and others also come in framed prints and lap-top cases and skins.

They are available with other images at my shop on Society6.


July 23rd, 2014

Another Working Vacation. This time a long weekend to Vermont to work on our portfolios.
We stayed at the Maple Leaf Inn in Barnard, VT—a wonderful Inn run by Nancy and Mike Boyle about 10 miles or so from Woodstock, located at the end of a long drive into the woods. Very comfy, great breakfasts, Beckett the guard dog, and terrific hosts made busy days fly by.

Maple Leaf Inn, Barnard, VT
Maple Leaf Inn

Very quiet and surrounded by flowers it was perfect for our plans to head in different directions each day.

The clematis was outside the breakfast room window. So pretty

Sunday we headed west and hiked up to photograph.

mountain view
Looking past my shoes to the mountains from the top of our hike.

And Monday we headed north and hiked down.

Texas Falls in Hancock, VT
(This beautiful area was severely damaged by Hurricane Irene but is now open to hikers once more.)

Lots of good images, lots of sore muscles (the inn’s whirlpool bath was great), and lots to work on now that we are home.

Working/Day Off

July 12th, 2014

Have to get out of the studio from time to time… So, yesterday we packed a picnic and headed to the Poconos in PA for a working/Day off.

Beth Emmott Bob Emmott
Our idea of a day off!

Went to Hickory Run State Park – I used to go there many, many years ago with my parents when we lived in a little house with no air conditioning. My dad would pack us all in the car on a hot Saturday with a picnic my mom made and we’d head north for a day of lazing about in the woods. I always wanted to go “down the shore” but my parents were “up the mountains” folk.

Park hasn’t changed much, wasn’t very crowed, esp. on the trails, We hiked “Shades of Death Trail” which was well blazed and we just followed the yellow marks deeper and deeper into the woods, stopping to catch our breath and take pictures. (Upon hearing the name of the trail, my friend, Sally, asked if I was hiking with Harry Potter!)

Hickory Run State Park Hickory Run State Park
Deep in the forest.

There were several old dams which had been built many years ago by loggers. This was the highest.

Pocono Mountain Laurel Hickory Run State Park
Pocono Mountain Laurel

I was surprised that the Mountain Laurel were still in bloom but a ranger said they were late this year. PA has wonderful Laurel all through out the woods, usually in June but here they were in full glory. This trail while not too long was very rocky, up and down along cliffs above a creek. I later read in a brochure that it was “the most difficult”. How come I never stop and read these things before I leave my hiking stick in the car? This was a trip worthy of my cousin Stig! But it was so beautiful. At one point it opens out a bit and goes through tunnels of Laurel. There were iridescent dragon flies, birds and butterflies, moss looked like velvet and Indian pipes and mushrooms.

Hickory Run State Park
Rocky Heart

One the way back I saw this rusty color heart in the rock and it made me smile.

Textile Design-Trees

May 25th, 2014

I love the process of taking an image, developing it further and then turning into a repeat pattern. I want both the original design and the repeat pattern to each be complete in themselves but not necessarily have the same feelings.

Basic image for trees.
“Original image for trees”

The original design is a combination of a photograph of trees along the road and hand drawn trees. It was worked into a repeat with strong geometrics.

Trees design in Repeat.
“Trees design in repeat”