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Where is the Summer Going?

July 8th, 2017

Been a while… trip to Chicago for Bobby and Liz’s wedding – beautiful wedding and got to spend time with my sister, Nathalie, which was a treat as she lives in FL and we don’t get to see each other very much! Did a lot in a short time, visited Fermi Labs (that was a treat) and photographed bison, got into Chicago which I haven’t been to since I studied at Lake Forest many years and another life time ago… Did an architectural boat tour and to the Museum of Science and Industry to see their train exhibit which was on Bob’s list. Saw Hope and Cindy coming and going in Columbus… so that was a major quick trip…oh did I mention it was a road trip!

Image of Robert and Liz McQuade Image of Wilson Hall at Fermi Labs
Wedding and Fermi Labs
Image of Bison at Fermi Labs Image of Bob Emmott photographing at Museum of Science and Industry
Bison and Bob

Been working on a web site for a neighborhood group which is coming along but taking longer than it should due to my eye surgery…but that’s been fun working with the members of the group. Other stuff here and there but… WHERE’S THE SUMMER GOING… Getting ready for a trip to Colorado – visit Mary and Estes and then study tapestry with Rebecca Mezoff – this is not a road trip! Once I’m back, we hope to get in a trip to Maine and then school will be starting. I will no longer teach at Philadelphia University but at a hybrid called “Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)” – I’m not to say “…formally Philadelphia University” so I won’t – I’ll say “…formally Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science” which it was and still is in some hearts!


January 6th, 2016

Holidays are over. Seems like they start in mid November and run until school is about to start! And I don’t get to post during that time! Was straightening up and came across some images I took of some of my favorite baskets from my collection. Many of these particular baskets belonged to my Grandmother. Thought I’d share them!

Some of my handspun wool in natural color with these small sweet baskets. Some was spun on the contemporary drop spindle and other on my Ashford wheel.
The jar with the woven covering is resting on a blanket called in my family, “The Indian Blanket”. It is actually an old Pendleton Blanket which was probably a wedding gift to my grandparents in 1914, but it was much loved and saw it’s later years as a covering for lots of “forts” my brothers and I made. I still have it today. It is covered with many zig zag stitch repairs

Blanket fort with Curt and Senter. Why Curt is drilling the ground no one knows.

Love this little basket with it’s Japanese thread snips and the set of nested baskets. The ribbon is formed into a small bag to wear on one’s wrist and carry small sewing supplies.

My Grandfather’s Mother

July 16th, 2014

This is a rough sketch for a drawing of a Great Grandmother I never knew. My Grandfather’s Mother, Ellen Burton Shaw, lived in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and spun her own yarn – or so I was told. She had 10 children and at least 31 grandchildren. If she did spin her own yarn, I often wonder if she enjoyed it as I do or if it was just another chore? I only have one or two snapshots of her.

Ellen Burton Shaw
Ellen Burton Shaw with yarns

Generational changes

November 29th, 2013

“Checking the Turkey”

My parents loved Thanksgiving with all the trappings. Cooking, lots of people and lots of chaos! If they didn’t eat at home and they would cook a complete turkey dinner the next day in order to have leftovers.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday—good food with people I care about. Light on the decorations and no worry about gifts etc. (I do not and never have shopped on Thanksgiving weekend.) Cooking, eating, chatting and relaxing!

My son and his family went to a French restaurant for lunch and stopped by friends later.

Different folks / different strokes. Friends/family were important for all. And I’m pretty sure all were thankful!

Glass Ball-Pottery Shards

December 27th, 2012

Glass Ball with pottery shards Glass Ball with pottery shards, close up

Several years ago my cousin Susan took me pottery shard hunting. Shards are little bits of broken pottery and Susan has a special place off the New England coast that she likes to go. (I won’t define the location more than that as shard hunters guard their locations fiercely.) We had a wonderful afternoon and I treasure my small hoard of shards. So… they are featured in my globe as we begin the new year! Thanks, Cuz!


November 12th, 2012

Arlington National Cemetery

Ten days ago I watched my parents be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. It was a very cold windy day. The service was poignant. I was surrounded by friends and family yet I felt like a lone witness.