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Wissahickon Morning

November 14th, 2010

Up early and a walk in the Wissahickon Valley, one of the beautiful parks within the city of Philadelphia!

Wissahickon Creek

The leaves are still wonderful.

Bright Yellow Leaves

Crazy Snow!

February 10th, 2010


and it’s still snowing in Philadelphia! The mayor has closed down the city – all bus service is stopped, highways closed and Philadelphia University is planning on starting at 10:00 in the am.

2010 is under way!

January 16th, 2010

Well, the holidays are over and school has started. My first classes were yesterday. Right now I’m headed to VA to my Mom’s to dedecorate her house and to celebrate her birthday! My decorations at home are down except for greens around the door but it has been too cold to deal with that.

We’re driving down the Delmarva peninsula and it is still cold, but I hear it’s already over 50 degrees in Virginia Beach. So that’s good! Here the ponds are frozen and the fields which will soon have green things growing are all brown and stubbly but the sky is full of birds in “V” formation—I wish flying to Canada but that won’t be until around March. Yeah, I know, in Philadelphia, I still have to deal with Feb. and March but the days ARE getting longer and stuff is starting to grow. Really!

Get’s me making plans for my garden— the catalogs have been coming for almost a month now and we have been having snows that melt slowly watering the ground so I hope there will not be any dry spells this summer to turn my world into a dust bowl.

My back yard has a place that needs seeding but other than that it’s pretty ok—just maintenance and veggies. But the front – under the living room window, is a shady place that is just a mess of pacasandra and a stunted azalea bush that need work. There’s a project to think about.

Or perhaps along the side walk—we could revisit that as well. I like to plant seasonal things along my way from the house to the car. Then, if I’m busy at work and don’t have time to wander my garden, I don’t miss the changes.

Strange doings in Germantown!

November 16th, 2009

I live in a fairly urban area. Granted there are yards with lots of trees and gardens and it is about 3 blocks to a large park along a busy bus route, but it is in the City of Philadelphia and the usual wild life we get are stray cats and a possum or two. Today about 10:00 in the morning a full grown deer ran between my house and my neighbors—maybe 20 ft apart—into their back yard. It stood near a large bush and by the time we could get a camera it was gone. Don’t think my garden has seen a deer in a very long time, but you never know.

My street used to belong to a house on Germantown Ave. which was built in the 1600’s. Properties facing the avenue were long and narrow. Narrow on the street side but long enough to accommodate gardens, orchards and stables. During the Battle of Germantown, revolutionary soldiers had to hop fences as they chased each other through these narrow yards.

Land was subdivided after the Civil War and it is now a neighborhood of Victorian homes where stables or carriage houses have been turned into coveted homes. There has not been any livestock kept here for many years, (although Luke does keep chickens, but that’s another story). So a misplaced deer is a big deal.


July 27th, 2009

I live in a community of gardens. Most of the houses are Victorian and many have iron fences around their yards with iron gates. This spring I took pictures of many of the styles of fences—there are many more—and thought I’d share some here.

open gate hairpin fence
Open gate and Classic Hair Pin Fence

open gate hairpin fence
Asymmetrical Gate and and Maxwell Mansion’s Fence*

open gate hairpin fence
Strong Graphic Fence and Gate

open gate hairpin fence
Circular Gate and its Fence

fence post fence post fence post
Fence Posts

* Maxwell Mansion is a Victorian House Museum in my neighborhood.

Peas have grown

July 9th, 2009

Once again, it’s been awhile. . . Yesterday I took a photograph of my little pea tripod—it’s almost done for the year—to the right is a tomato plant which re seeded itself. Below it is a little cement bunny.

Pea Tripod cement bunny

I have a love/hate thing about little cement critters. There is a garden stand in Lancaster called Hoover’s which sells all sorts of cement garden things—they also sell good oatmeal/raisin cookies along with lots of plants. We always try to stop when we are in the area. They have lots and lots of cement garden things all over their parking lot. Over to the right are some tables with smaller pieces—bunnys, frogs, squirrels and . . . turtles.

First I bought a sheep and that’s the sheep I photographed every day in spring of 2007. I also have a small gnome named Monty after the movie. He exists under a holly tree, covered with ivy.

I really don’t like cement garden things—maybe a bird bath or so but little critters. . . So I hide them under bushes etc. I have this small bunny and a squirrel but I realize I’ve collected a lot of turtles—as things die down in the fall I find more and more. Perhaps I’ll post some pictures of them—and come out of my cement critter closet.