Holiday Cards

November 18th, 2012


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I love designing and making cards, a little gift to all my friends. Didn’t get one done every year but these are the ones that made it. (Most cards also had a gift tag – some got in the pictures, some didn’t.) We send out about 150-200 cards so for some that meant lots of cutting and assembling but some people make cookies, I make cards!

Image of 2021 Holiday Card Image of Holiday Card with Mixed media Painting and text 2021 Onward! Image of Holiday Card with patterns on beach stones from Elgol, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Image of Holiday Card with Poem on abstract background Image of Holiday Card with Pattern made from Rusty Gears Image of Small Heart Image of winter wonderland

May all your days be beautiful! Deck the Halls! Raindeer Dreams Lights on the Beach—in Virginia Beach

It's Been a Very Long Year! Duomo—Milan Puffin on island off Grand Manan with fish Christmas Train Pennsylvania Waterfall

Glitz and Cardboard From sea to shining sea—May your holidays have muscle! After 911 we brought this card back with it's simple message—PEACE Joy to the World! protect it My Grandmother's buttons

Design for card which didn't get done! Mistletoe Memories Winter Ice: Connecticut Pond Peace on Earth

First card for Emmott Photography PEACE Joy, Understanding, Peace: Everywhere Grand Tree Stand PEACE