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Beth Emmott

Beth Emmott

Work in a variety of disciplines keeps me fresh and each feeds the other. I love working with drawing, painting, and fiber, as well as learning new ways of looking at what I do. My work often explores the mystery of a moment in time—what has happened, what is happening and what is about to happen. What events have led up to that moment?

Recently I have been concerned with nature and human intervention. Nature has, so far, renewed itself long after people and civilizations have passed into history. We cannot exist without nature, but it can exist very well without us. I hope my work captures and shares nature's strength, beauty, and haunting timelessness, as well as our precarious relationship with it.

Please enjoy my site and thoughts about our world. If you are interested in purchasing my work, you may contact me at: beth@emmott.com

Other work done just for fun:

Pumpkin Drawings: done one Oct. for two very special guys!

Past Holiday Cards: some people bake cookies, I make cards.