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I had a life as a weaver years ago and did less and less over the years as life took its twists and turns but I did always spin, in a zen fashion. Then several years ago I got the bug again. For me weaving and painting play off each other—when I get stuck on one the other helps me out. And now I spin with a purpose.


These are 3 of a set of 9 woven squares. The main part was woven in the Theo Moorman technique to inlay the main shapes with weft ranging from handspun to found string. Once off the loom and cut apart each piece was embelished according to its need. They are roughly 7 inches wide and
are titled: "Dressing Up", "Centered", and "Eight Buttons"

Beth Emmott   Beth Emmott  Beth Emmott


These small tapestries are woven on found objects. For years I would bring home bits and pieces of flotsam from a hike or day at the beach and now they have become mini looms.

Beth Emmott
“Thoughts of Scotland”

My latest “found object tapestry” represents a wonderful trip to Scotland and uses a piece of metal I found in the Forth River in Queensferry. The white yarn is spun from a tuft found on a fence during a hike on our last day and represents all the wonderful sheep. The other two I spun from yarns from Orkney and represent the beautiful colors of the land. The brown at both ends is from North Ronaldsay Sheep which mainly eat seaweed —had to get some of that— and the variegated is dyed roving from “The Little Orkney Dye Shed”. It was magic to spin.


Beth Emmott Beth Emmott

Beth Emmott Beth Emmott Beth Emmott

LEAF SHAPES... working with curves

Beth Emmott
“Blue and Green Leaves”
Beth Emmott
“Three Leaves”
Beth Emmott
“Have a Cup of Tea with Me”

And, here are some weavings on Flickr I did back in the day.