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First day of class!

August 26th, 2014

First day of class is always like the first time I taught – never get used to it. Always a new start, new students, Never sure what’s changed in the class room – what works, what doesn’t – lots of bugs to figure out…BUT the students always make it OK. Here is this year’s freshmen drawing class – doing drawings of their new environment – and adding to it – taping on new pages I keep handing them for over an hour. Always surprises me and them how everyone’s work, given the same instructions and same subject is so different. My job is to help them grow but to keep them all different! Isn’t easy.

DRAW101 - day one
First day Fall 2014

Made my day!

November 12th, 2013

Facebook message…

“Hi Beth!! Just wanted to let you know I am using every trick you taught us in class for Photoshop at my current job. Can’t thank you enough for making me listen ( even when I tried not too).”


October 30th, 2013

Going to teach a 3 credit drawing course next semester and excited about it. Drawing has been part of many of the various courses I have taught in the past but I’ve never taught a straight drawing course—what luxury!

Type Crimes

January 30th, 2012

Been awhile. The holidays and then start of school. But things are settling down—a bit.

I teach a class in typography and whenever I cover a subject I see examples of it and its abuse everywhere. I’ve been covering the use of quotation marks, apostrophes and prime or hatch marks.

(Prime marks are straight up and down and are used with numbers to indicate inches or feet. Quotes and apostrophes are curved or slanted, depending on the font. )

They are used incorrectly so often that people have begun to accept them when they would not accept a straight up and down comma. (Hopefully!)

It was my Mom’s birthday and we took her out to dinner. The food and service was very good but the typography was all over the place. The other samples are within a few blocks of her condo. So, Type Geek had to document them. (click image for larger view)

Logo 1

Exterior sign for Aldo’s

Logo 1 Logo 1

Two more exterior signs—same restaurant

Logo 1 Fifth version

Logos on plates and menus

Logo 1 Logo 1

Two signs—two apostrophe treatments—same place.

What’s this?

What’s this?

School’s Over . . .

May 12th, 2010

Spring semester 2010 for the School of Design+Media at Philadelphia University is over! Classes are finished, reviews completed, and my grades turned in! Perhaps now I can get back to this blog. At least I updated the header image with the above spider web. View previous header images.

They came to their senses. . .

February 11th, 2010

Philau is closed for Thurs. I had already assigned work to my students in case of closure and am glad they don’t have to be on the roads today. What with computers and plenty of heads up most people in my field can work from home—when they aren’t shoveling out! Don’t know if that’s a plus or not but it suits me.
I’m busy updating my Final Cut and DVD Studio Pro skills for an upcoming job and can use all the concentrated time I can get. Friends say they are sorry that I have to do all this but this is what I do, what I like to do. And all I learn goes directly into my class room as it becomes who I am.