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New designs

May 8th, 2016

School’s over and time to get to work… Posted 3 new designs to SOCIETY 6 – they are really from sketches I had already done and hadn’t posted yet but it makes me feel as though I’ve started…

3 new designs


August 26th, 2015

Took a workshop at Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia this spring with Kassem Amoudi. It was about seeing where your marks could take you and taught with acrylics. While I loved the class and the way of exploring a painting, it isn’t where I am at this time – but I did like some of the pieces I did that weekend. Thought two of them might inform society6’s leggins. Here they are: Thoughts of Spring and Patches! And… there are others with patterns created from walks in the woods.

new line of leggins at society6 based on paintings!

Patterns from sketch

June 17th, 2015

This is a line drawing I did of a sprig from our garden. Using three different techniques I was interested is seeing where I could go with it.

Origional sketch
Original Sketch

Here is the result

3 patterns from one sketch
3 patterns from one sketch

Developing a sketch

May 22nd, 2015

Worked on this pattern yesterday and thought I’d show where it came from. I had created this page in my sketchbook using a large brush and very watery paint. I liked the contrast of colors and the bits of more opaque paint which reinforced the vertical lines

Original sketches
Watery shapes

I wanted to keep the watery design but wanted a small diamondish pattern. At first I removed the background and shaped up the diamonds freehand in photoshop. There were things I liked about it but I felt it was not a finished design.

Three colorways
Finished Design, Three color ways

In the final version I selected more hard edge shapes and worked with them. The variety of the shapes, none of which are true diamonds works with the loose ramdomness of the watercolor, while the hard edges give contrast. The black background came first, then, after explorations, I settled on the group of three. The only difference is the in background colors, yet they work well together and each stands on it’s own with it’s own feeling..

Yikes, Stripes

April 4th, 2015

Have to start thinking in collections, several patterns that work well together without being close variations of each other. This should be fun as I’ve always at least thought of having a co-ordinated stripe to go with a design. In the example below, I like the contrast of the diagonal design with the formality of the stripe.

Design with stripe

Previous design with its stripe.

Finished the course

March 23rd, 2015

Finished the Photoshop for Designers course taught by Sherry London. It was great! Even though I know a lot of Photoshop and worked with and taught it for years (since Photoshop 2.5 – omg) I still learned a lot. Some showed up in what I teach and lots showed up in my work, especially about process. And they give you this cute badge!!! Haven’t gotten a badge since Girl Scouts.

Photoshop for Designers Badge
Congratulations, Beth,
You’ve received a badge!