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Fall 2019

December 11th, 2019

It’s December and Christmas is upon us—Cards are made, lights are up and gifts sent—now to concentrate of being with and enjoying family and friends and to get back to my painting—but first I wanted to make up for not posting for a while.

While in Maine this summer I worked on sketching trees and this fall they were combined with rusty bits found in Maine and Campobello. I have lots of sketches, photos, and plein air studies to inspire work from here. These rusty studies help get me going in the morning.

Image of Maine Tree sketches
Sketches mounted

Fall was busy as it always seems to be. After our trips I came home to a painting commission that was fun to work on and can’t be shown yet as it’s to be a surprise. Also began lots of work inspired by Scotland—Orkney and the Isle of Skye. First sketches and drawings and then on to paintings. I didn’t have time during our trip to draw and absorb as I wished but I do have photos as well as the images and sensations seared into me. I want to capture the sense of power and haunting timelessness I felt. I’ve just begun this series.

Image of Mountain from Elgol Beach
Evening view from Elgol

In Oct my studio was on an artist studio/house tour—that took a good bit of cleaning up and getting my work in order. So much fun to see people enjoying my work and in discussing it with them.

Image of Painting Studio Image of Work on wall
Mostly cleaned up

And, always fiber. I had purchased small bits of fleece in Orkney and spun and wove tiny tapestries with them as well as continuing to spin fleece from Flying Fiber for use in other tapestries that are in the works. When things get overwhelming, fiber work calms me down, puts things in perspective and I’m ready to go again!

Image of Yellow Handspun Yarn Image of small tapestry
Love my Fiber

Dye Corner

May 22nd, 2016

Set up a corner of the basement for my dyeing, bought a new hot plate as my old one had bit the dust, pulled out my old dye pots and started. Happy there is a window here, a sink around the corner and door to the garden near by.

This ugly bit below is a wrapped package of fabric with leaves and tea. Will check it the end of this week but it’s getting pretty funky… It’s what is inside the two white pots on my table.

I have been wrapping these small bundles with some hand spun yarn and love the range of colors I’m getting as a by-product.

Working from home

November 4th, 2011

I have moved the office and my work out of our large studio and I love it. I’m good at setting schedules for my self and can get a lot of work done. I might miss people being around all the time but I do teach two days a week at Philadelphia University so quiet space to work in is great!
I have two rooms on the first floor with a separate entrance, big windows, and space for our office, my computers and drawing table etc. (Yes, I do use a drawing table.) There is even a working fireplace for chilly days. Below is a picture of one side of the first room—the office to the left and my spinning equipment in the back. What took me so long to figure this out?

working from home.


April 8th, 2009

Last Fri evening there was a beautiful double rainbow in Philadelphia.

Double Rainbow
This image was taken from our studio window looking north east.

Condo Rented

March 17th, 2009

We decided to take this property off the market and rent it. After 6 months of no action, we had people vying with each other to rent it—sign of the times. It has been rented to a family from California looking to move “back east”.

What happened to the other side when we reconfigured our studio? The studio itself now has no darkroom space, more office/studio space for computers, still a large shooting space, storage for equipment and an updated kitchen for the more food photography Bob does but, where did all that darkroom etc space go. Well… we made it into a loft/condo. And, it’s for sale.

Our building which was developed into artists lofts in the 1980’s—that’s what the sign over the front door still says—was created as working and living places for artists/designers. Some still work and live there but most units are living only and now there’s one more. Actually our space was always two spaces Unit 3C/D and now 3C is its own separate loft condo.

Philadelphia loft condo for sale

It’s in a great neighborhood: One block to Whole Foods, Starbucks, CVS, Yoga Studio, Book Store, Restaurants, etc. And, it has indoor parking and the opportunity to add a roof deck.

We’re back…

December 24th, 2008

Yesterday we moved back into our studio!

There are still many things to be done but after months of construction there is enough done that we can work there. Yesterday we moved computers, lights and cameras in and Fri we start shooting!

It’s been a long fall!

view of Emmott studio

from shooting area back to entrance

view of Emmott studio

from loft into shooting area!