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Maine 2023

October 1st, 2023

We went to Maine this September – Down East – about a mile down a dirt road and over a small bridge, the Atlantic straight ahead. It was wonderful!

Image of Sunset.
View from our Deck

We walked the sandy beach, clambered over stones with their glacier markings, loved the wrack weed, and wonderful sea drawings left when the tides recedes. We woke to the sound of lobster boats checking their traps.

Image of Jorden Cove. Image of Wrack  Weed Image of Sand Drawings
Jordens Cove, Wrack Weed and Sand Drawings

We sketched and photographed, relaxed and just were. The skies were wonderful.
And then there was fog. Islands came and went, a misty magic descended on the world

Image of Fog. Image of Boat in fog

However, we were right where hurricane Lee/Tropical Storm was expected to hit. Not as bad as it could have been but still lots and lots of rain and wind – main damage trees down!. The ocean turned a peachy tan color .

Image Peach Colored Ocean.
Peachy Sea

We had a cozy cottage, good food and wine, had our art/photography supplies, so we were happy. But the plan had been to work outside most of the time.

Plan B… enjoy the adventure!
We did get a day at Quoddy Head to sketch and one down to Schoodic to see crazy waves.

Image of Fog. Image of Waves
Quoddy Head Point and Waves at Scoodic

Between rainy spells we could get through the woods, down steps the sandy cove to work.
The last evening skies began to clear and in the morning the view from our window was beautiful.

Image of Evening. Image of Sunrise
Things Clear up as we leave

We woke up to the sound of chain saws clearing the road so we could get out. We had breakfast, walked on the beach, then headed south.

We also got to visit friends and family and a visit to the Farnsworth! So now home and time to work with my sketches, photographs, and memories!!!

Third Planet

September 29th, 2023

I entered my painting “Third Planet” in Imperfect Gallery’s current exhibition, “The Eleventh Annual Germantown Show”, titled “WTF – what’s going on in the world today?”. “Third Planet” refers to the fact that we only have this one beautiful world, and what are we doing to it?

Image of Oil Painting.
“Third Planet”

I love this local gallery. They support local artists and I like to support them.

More Sketching

June 8th, 2023

Getting back to my sketching. Working with a variety of media.

Image of Mixed Media Sketch.
Mixed Media Sketch

The one below added ink with one of my home made brushes. I like it but think I get a bit carried away with the ink. Having too much fun!

Image of Mixed Media Sketch.
Need to not to get so excited about my media!

My Maine Brushes

August 30th, 2022

I had made my first set of magic brushes but when I went to Maine last week I gathered sticks, stones, and other bits. Today I made Maine Brushes. One with feathers, one with a bit of muddy knotted rope, two with stones, and one with a pine cone. I decided to leave the black and magenta electricians tape as it was and added black strings with black and clear beads – a bit of drama. The 4 other stones are just because I always collect stones…

Images of Maine brushes
“Maine Brushes”

Magic Brushes

August 2nd, 2022

Taking an intense mark making course with Lorna Crane called “Perfectly Imperfect”.
It began making wonderful crazy brushes. We were to embellish them and I based mine on an imagined Prehistoric Healer as they remind me of funky magic wands, BUT the main purpose is the mark making—getting you out of your normal way of working—the crazy bit is for fun. Mark making is in the next section of the course. After that we will use our marks in making collage, scrolls, books, and finally a vessel. We will be marking with ink, markers, acrylics, stitches, etc. etc. Painting on paper as well as fabric. It is a very busy, involved course and a lot of fun!

Images of brushes Three More Brushes
“Magic Brushes”

“Page 22”

April 19th, 2022

“Page 22” is a Mixed Media work created for a group exhibition “Artists in Solidarity with Ukraine” at the Germantown Espresso Bar near my home.

Mixed Media piece on Ukraine
“Page 22”

It began as a spread in a journal of paintings begun as a daily exercise.

After days representing my daily feelings, suddenly there were these pages representing the war in Ukraine. Too often all seems normal then one day things turn horrible beyond belief. Once this has passed things tend to return back to normal (what ever that is) until the next catastrophic event. We don’t learn.

The name “Page 22” represents the page in the book with the original image.