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Moments of Wonder

October 29th, 2017

One of the great things about having a cell phone is that a camera is always with me. Perhaps not as versatile as my regular camera with it’s interchangeable lenses but the important thing is that it’s there. Whenever I’m walking or wandering about and see amazing pattern or colors I can take them home with me and they end up in my work. Lots of times we might be on a road trip or other planned event and I take my camera and sometimes images happen and sometimes they don’t but my cell is always with me capturing serendipitous unplanned moments of wonder. Here are a few from this summer. Some from Colorado, some from New England, some from walks in the Wissahickon here at home in Philadelphia.
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Image of twisted bark Image of rocks with greens and purples. Image of curved rocks

Image of bright orange bark Image of torn bark. Image of textured Bark

The textures and colors can keep me busy sketching and drawing for days, weeks, and much longer as my head swims with ideas for paint and fiber translations.

Bridges, Not Barriers

September 12th, 2017

Each year Imperfect Gallery has an all Germantown group exhibition. I love this gallery and the way it supports the local arts! This is my entry this year. It is of the bridge at Valley Green in the Wissahickon.

image of exhibition
It is part of a series called “Bridges not Barriers”!
The series explores how the bridges allow us to overcome obstacles yet become part of the environment themselves.

Rusty Bit from Walk in the Woods

March 27th, 2017

Found a rusty bit yesterday during our walk in the Wissahocken. Lying there in the mud it had been flattened and at first I thought it was a bit if twisted string but went back and sure enough it was a rusty bit!

Rusty Bit from our walk
Love the twists – perhaps some sort of hanger?

This am I used a piece of folded rough watercolor paper I had prepared to insert in a sketch book and layered my new Rusty Bit with my tea bag from breakfast!

closed Page Open Page
How much fun is this!!!

Tree Bark

November 7th, 2016

Trees have the most wonderful Bark textures. This month we visited Double Trouble State Park in NJ. It has old abanded cranberry bogs, dark cedar water and texture upon texture. The last two of these images are from that trip. It got me thinking of the many photographs I have done of close up of trees over the years. Next Pattern Observer posted a request for inspirational images with the hashtag #POinspitation.

This reminded me of the wonderful bark I saw years ago at the New York Botanical Gardens with its soft colors and pealing layers. When looking for it I came up with others including this poor bumpy tree in the Wissahickon Trail where we walk many mornings. These are a few of many.

This shaggy image with its face of an old bearded man with his stubby nose and the peeling Birch in Maine are favs.

These are the two from last weeks trip to Double Trouble that started this barky trip. Lichen covers so many trees and is supposed to be a sample of clean air – one can hope. Such a wonderful world.

Textures on my Walk

October 14th, 2016

Love getting up early and going for a walk. Usually in the Wissahicken Valley right here in Germantown, Philadelphia. Never know you are in a major city. Signs of fall everywhere but lots of summer hanging on. Textures everywhere – these are just a few.

Fallen leaves on the bridge path

Leaves changing, red berries and needles on path

Bridge made of stone – moss still bright green.

All this is in one little area – bridge over the creek about a mile south of Valley Green Inn. Some times I see vistas, today close up bits. Could spend the day here sketching, photographing, and just being…

Fragile Transitions

November 2nd, 2015

Love the bright fall colors but I find a special beauty in this later season.

Walked in the Wissahickon this morning, very damp, must have rained last night. The different colors of the trees as they change give a depth to the woods that is missing in the summer when they are all green – different greens but still they mass together, where as the reds, golds, and yellows, separate.

But these black leaves, still clinging to their branch looks like bronzed bats. The others are already on the trail yet still hold on to the remains of their individual colors. Tomorrow or later this week, that color will blend into tans. But this transitional stage of fragility is so poignant.