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Irish Sketches

January 11th, 2013

Raw drizzly day – going through things in my studio and came across these sketches I did when we were in Ireland. I remember exploring with a roughly textured paper and a bamboo reed pen.

Sketch of Down Patrick Head, County Mayo, Ireland

The weather changes faster than one can blink!

Sketch of Down Patrick Head, County Mayo, Ireland

The second shows our cottage window as it looks out to the North Atlantic.

Irish Wool

June 27th, 2011

I finally finished the small bag of fleece I bought in Ireland. It is from a Manx Loghon sheep which is a rare breed with four horns. The bag described it as “fine russet wool, some kemps, short staple”. This is the natural color when the darker and lighter bits were hand carded. I spun it fairly tight allowing the lumps and bumps to remain and love the energy that resulted.

© Spinning wool by Beth Emmott © Finished Skein by Beth Emmott

Manx Loghon wool being spun and finished skein

Irish Mitts

December 14th, 2010

When we were in Ireland this summer I bought a pare of mitts – sort of like gloves without fingers. They are of very soft wool and have become one of my favorite things!
Even if the room is comfortable – well comfortable with a sweater, or comfortable if you are moving around, the desk where I have my computer keyboard is still pretty chilly. I spend hours at the computer and my wrists get cold. But not with my Irish Mitts.

warm wrists

Warm Wrists!

The tag reeds: “Fsherman – out of Ireland” with the she in red – I guess Irish women get cold wrists too – I’m part Irish-perhaps that’s where I get them (cold wrists)!

What ever the reason, I love my Irish Mitts!

Irish wool

November 21st, 2010

I bought a small packet of wool fleece when I was in Ireland. It was the last one they had, very short staple, full of peat and second cuts but I wanted some so I bought it. I like spinning in the grease so I tried it with this but it was a disaster—I thought the grease would help hold the short staples as I spun but no. . .it didn’t. I must admit I haven’t spun much for a number of years and have begun again. I find it meditative—cheaper than therapy.
So, I washed it a few weeks ago and started carding it yesterday. Today I started spinning and it’s working. I’m going slower than usual and putting more twist into it. Not going to win any prizes with this but I’m happy to be spinning a little bit of Ireland. (I mentioned getting the wool in my post August 18, 2010. It’s from a Manx Loaghtan sheep.


August 25th, 2010

image of Beth sketching at Downpatrick Head

Sketching at Downpartick Head

People have asked why there aren’t any pictures of me – well, because I took the other pictures. So . . . Here’s a picture Bob took of me, sketching, one of my favorite times on our trip! Downpatrick Head is the name of this place. I’m sitting at the end the long piece of land seen in the distance in the image below. We could see it from our window.

Ireland—Last day

August 22nd, 2010

Last morning view

View from our window in the morning of our last day!

Up early, packed and said good by to our cottage.

On the road to Sligo to see more early history. This time Megalith tombs dating from 3500-3000 BC at the Megalithic Cemetery of Carrowmore.

Image of Megalithic tomb Image of Megalithic tomb
Image of Megalithic tomb Image of Megalithic tomb

Megalithic tombs at Carrowmore, Sligo Ireland

We had seen very similar tombs in Portugal several years ago. I don’t often think of stone age peoples having such long distance connections.

What amazes me is that these were not buried under bog blanket but rather have been standing around in someone’s farm land all this time.

After a sunny/rainy morning there we drove to the airport. I had hoped to be able to visit the Hills of Tara and Newgrange but they will have to wait for another visit.
So, here we are in the Carlton Hotel in the Dublin Airport with a 6:00 wake up call!