Irish wool

November 21st, 2010


I bought a small packet of wool fleece when I was in Ireland. It was the last one they had, very short staple, full of peat and second cuts but I wanted some so I bought it. I like spinning in the grease so I tried it with this but it was a disaster—I thought the grease would help hold the short staples as I spun but no. . .it didn’t. I must admit I haven’t spun much for a number of years and have begun again. I find it meditative—cheaper than therapy.
So, I washed it a few weeks ago and started carding it yesterday. Today I started spinning and it’s working. I’m going slower than usual and putting more twist into it. Not going to win any prizes with this but I’m happy to be spinning a little bit of Ireland. (I mentioned getting the wool in my post August 18, 2010. It’s from a Manx Loaghtan sheep.