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Bridges, Not Barriers

September 12th, 2017

Each year Imperfect Gallery has an all Germantown group exhibition. I love this gallery and the way it supports the local arts! This is my entry this year. It is of the bridge at Valley Green in the Wissahickon.

image of exhibition
It is part of a series called “Bridges not Barriers”!
The series explores how the bridges allow us to overcome obstacles yet become part of the environment themselves.

Been a while

October 23rd, 2015

Been a while. Been busy with school – starting to work with life models and that’s a big jump into complicated drawing for freshmen. Then taking a break with the surface imaging work – seems everyone and her sister is going there and perhaps the main folk who benefit are those who have sites to upload work?? Not a bad thing as they help and offer a lot to designers but need to step back and think about it.

So, I’ve been working on my drawing and painting while all the above percolates in my brain

Been working with pastels.

Seeing where this takes me and working on my painting – think I finished a painting I did on Irish Skies that I’ve been looking at for a couple of years…Perhaps it’s finished…

The pastels are about seeing where things take me and making marks. Trying for something new but I see that my birds are showing up in one… The green one peaking out of the top is an outgrowth of a weaving I’m working on that is an out growth of a Theo Moorman technique I’ve been interested in – it’s all connected somewhere whether I know it or not.

Lancaster Fields

April 24th, 2015

Delivered a painting to a gallery Wed and was asked if I had painted it outside (en Plein Air). No. We had been photographing in Lancaster, PA and I loved the graphic quality of the newly harvested fields. They reminded me of the graphic quality of the quilts made by Amish women in the area, only the quilts were often done in bright bold colors. I wanted to capture that idea.

Lancaster Fields Lancaster Fields


Once back in my studio I made sketches for my painting. This is the one I went with executed in Oil Pastels. Only then the painting began.

It’s a Start…

October 26th, 2014

The past two weekends I have attended a plein air workshop by Philadelphia artist Paul DuSold. The first Sat consisted of a lecture on landscape painter, Walter Elmer Schofield at Woodmere Art Museum. The next day we went to Daniel Garber’s studio and painted at Cuttalossa Farm in Lumberville, PA. Then this weekend we painted both days in the Wissahickon Valley here in Phila. Learned alot and now I have to put it in practice, starting by finishing these three.

3 paintings Plein air painting

Beginnings of 3 paintings from Paul DuSold Workshop and final day’s set up.

Schoodic Surf

October 7th, 2013

Picked up my painting from iMPeRFeCT Gallery today.

Schoodic Spray by Beth Emmott
“Schoodic Spray, 2013, 16 x 20 in, oil on canvas”

Once I got back from Campobello, I was excited to continue working on the theme of water meeting land. The result was “Schoodic Spray”.


August 22nd, 2013

Finally posting the paintings I did in Campobello this summer. This was my first experience with Plein Air and I loved it. These six paintings are the result of four mornings on Campobello and then many hours back in the studio. Not only did the light change as time went on and the tide go in or out as I worked but on several days the famous Fundy Fog would come and totally obliterate the view, leaving me with little or nothing to see. It was a challenge to analyze what I wanted to paint and develop that as the world changed in front of me.

The first image is the painting I started before the mist stole it away. Might just get hooked on mist for a while . . .

Mist Land and Sea

Rock and Grasses Campobello Cove

Yellow Sand Misty Rocks