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Schoodic Surf

October 7th, 2013

Picked up my painting from iMPeRFeCT Gallery today.

Schoodic Spray by Beth Emmott
“Schoodic Spray, 2013, 16 x 20 in, oil on canvas”

Once I got back from Campobello, I was excited to continue working on the theme of water meeting land. The result was “Schoodic Spray”.


August 22nd, 2013

Finally posting the paintings I did in Campobello this summer. This was my first experience with Plein Air and I loved it. These six paintings are the result of four mornings on Campobello and then many hours back in the studio. Not only did the light change as time went on and the tide go in or out as I worked but on several days the famous Fundy Fog would come and totally obliterate the view, leaving me with little or nothing to see. It was a challenge to analyze what I wanted to paint and develop that as the world changed in front of me.

The first image is the painting I started before the mist stole it away. Might just get hooked on mist for a while . . .

Mist Land and Sea

Rock and Grasses Campobello Cove

Yellow Sand Misty Rocks

Campobello Painting

August 7th, 2013

Plein air set up
Set up on the rocks

Took a plein air workshop on Campobello last week with artist Michael Chesley Johnson. Some days were sunny, this one wasn’t—I love the foggy days! I anchored my easel into crevices in the rocks and had a wonderful time. When one scene misted away I started a close up of a rock that was in view. Took photos of the first as reference to finish back in my studio.

Plein Air in the mist
(taken by Cheryl Sirois.)

This week was my first real stint oil painting outside—I learned so much! I will use this both for creating finished paintings and also as the ultimate sketching to inform other work.

Old Tennessee Barn

June 23rd, 2013

All the things I saw along the parkways will take a little time to settle in my head. In the mean time I’ve started a study painting of the old barn at Senter and Bit’s in TN. There is a new barn with wonderful horse stalls and tack rooms but this old barn with it’s years of use and the side shed so typical of barns in that part of TN…

Old Tennessee Barn
First stages of painting
More paintings.

Plein Air Test

May 25th, 2013

This past March we went to VA to visit my brother Curt. I tool my painting supplies as I have not painted outside (en plein air) in a very long time and I wanted to give it a try in a controlled environment (the condo balcony). It was pretty nippy (COLD) but since I set out to do this, I did. Bundled up with my wool finger-tipless mits.

Plein Air Easel
En plein air setup.