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Taste the Ocean

December 29th, 2016

Every year between Christmas and New Years I like to taste the ocean – sort of touching the rest of the world and reminding my self that there’s more to life than the day to day! Not that I mind my day to day—I love my work and I enjoy teaching but by the end of the year I need recharging and there’s nothing like an empty beach – or nearly empty beach with endless waves to do that.

Photographing down the shore Ocean waves
The light keep changing – sparkling off the waves. Almost every image I took had a different feeling.

Leaf in sand Broken shell Shells

At first it looked like the beach had very little on it but there are always treasures if you keep looking—this single leaf, a broken shell here, another there. My gift for the day was Orange, orange stones, orange shell bits, stripes and patterns of all sorts! These will show up in studies of stripes, of curves in my little tapestries, perhaps even paintings…they fill my dreams!

Beach textures
Sand fence mMrks in Sand
More textures and patterns.

It was a beautiful day—not too cold for late Dec. Sun in and out—always changing— clean, crisp fresh air—this will keep me working for a while!

Chili and Beer

And we like to end this yearly tradition with a crock of chili and a beer at Charlie’s in Somers Point, NJ. Oh, and the ocean tasted salty!

Tree Bark

November 7th, 2016

Trees have the most wonderful Bark textures. This month we visited Double Trouble State Park in NJ. It has old abanded cranberry bogs, dark cedar water and texture upon texture. The last two of these images are from that trip. It got me thinking of the many photographs I have done of close up of trees over the years. Next Pattern Observer posted a request for inspirational images with the hashtag #POinspitation.

This reminded me of the wonderful bark I saw years ago at the New York Botanical Gardens with its soft colors and pealing layers. When looking for it I came up with others including this poor bumpy tree in the Wissahickon Trail where we walk many mornings. These are a few of many.

This shaggy image with its face of an old bearded man with his stubby nose and the peeling Birch in Maine are favs.

These are the two from last weeks trip to Double Trouble that started this barky trip. Lichen covers so many trees and is supposed to be a sample of clean air – one can hope. Such a wonderful world.

Textures on my Walk

October 14th, 2016

Love getting up early and going for a walk. Usually in the Wissahicken Valley right here in Germantown, Philadelphia. Never know you are in a major city. Signs of fall everywhere but lots of summer hanging on. Textures everywhere – these are just a few.

Fallen leaves on the bridge path

Leaves changing, red berries and needles on path

Bridge made of stone – moss still bright green.

All this is in one little area – bridge over the creek about a mile south of Valley Green Inn. Some times I see vistas, today close up bits. Could spend the day here sketching, photographing, and just being…

Musings at Green Cove

August 2nd, 2016

We’ve been away on vacation—a whirl wind road trip to Cape Breton and back. Hiking and sketching and eating and driving and driving…
After a long hike we stopped by the ocean and Bob took pictures while I sat and wrote the following in my sketchbook…

Cape Breton Rocks
I did take this picture.

Musings at Green Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 2016


young boy hopping rock to rock. I used to do that—like a mountain goat. But now, not so much. So I watch the young boy…

Bob goes rock to rock, not like the young boy but slower, watching, looking, seeing pictures in puddles that the young boy jumps over.

Saw a lot of birds at the end of our hike. young woman—not so young 53 but full of energy and friendship—works for the park—stopped to talk. I know her life history—her parents married, left Cheticamp for Toronto and returned. Her father loved the woods. I know all about her cheating husband. They were musicians, embarking on her perfect life, but… and she told us a lot about the birds.

Blue flowers hiding between the rocks—bright green leaves. Rocks with stripes—cracks and magma—each a painting.

Saw a seal swimming today!
Saw Canadian geese with a gosling.
Saw cormorants and lots and lots of sea gulls—

Tide waits for no man—nor woman for that matter.

We come and go and have hateful presidential conventions and the tide comes and goes—comes and goes—comes and goes.

The birds are on their rock, and the seal swims in the sea and we go about our petty lives—but Bob takes pictures others miss.

Beach Stones

June 13th, 2016

I love beach walking. Every time there is some thing new and my trip to NY was no different. The beach was long and at first looked uneventful, (except for the beautiful early morning light), but then I realized that things were white. White stones, white shells, white feathers. Here’s my haul from that day!

Beach stones and a feather

I bring these things home and set them out, move them about, and just enjoy looking at them and remembering that walk with its crashing waves and the only footprints were mine and the birds…mmmmmmmm….

This trip was the latest Hoax with my Garden Gal Friends from Moore (May 31-June3). Stayed at a wonderful house on the beach – my room looked over the ocean! Revisited Jack Lenor Larson’s Longhouse and gardens full of sculpture, and Robert Dash’s magical Madoo. We added a visit to Lee Krasner’s and Jackson Pollock’s studio and home in East Hampton and of course a visit to Mauders Nursery with balled trees and bushes as big as houses! Again, good friends, good food/drink, and lots of catching up.


August 26th, 2015

Took a workshop at Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia this spring with Kassem Amoudi. It was about seeing where your marks could take you and taught with acrylics. While I loved the class and the way of exploring a painting, it isn’t where I am at this time – but I did like some of the pieces I did that weekend. Thought two of them might inform society6’s leggins. Here they are: Thoughts of Spring and Patches! And… there are others with patterns created from walks in the woods.

new line of leggins at society6 based on paintings!