Only in America… #7

June 27th, 2012


(Final Transcription of 7 news paper articles dated March 1940)

Kidnappers Nearly Freeze to Death

Also Crowd That Gathers to See “Movie Queen” Scene

The cast of “Movie Queen” pulled off the so-called kidnapping of the leading lady, Miss Ruth M. Shaw, this afternoon and almost froze to death in the bargain. Fur parkas and a dog sled would have been more in keeping with the weather than the antiquated touring car used by the “bad men”. Of course, Miss Shaw was rescued by the hero, Curtin Reinhardt, Jr., all for the benefit of the camera and the American Legion Auxiliary show which will present the film next week.

A large crowd was on hand along Main Street to see the fun but dwindled rapidly as soon as the cold northwest wind started to whip around corners. However, the amateur cast of badmen, armed to the teeth which chattered like machine guns, hero, heroine and assembled extras, ran through the script in farcical manner.
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