Preparing Painting Surfaces

July 18th, 2018


Spent part of this afternoon preparing painting surfaces for week long painting workshop I’ll be attending in August with Susan Abbott in VT. I’m excited about this work shop as I’ve wanted to study with her for a while now but the timing never worked out.

Image of canvas with start of a light ground Image of finished ground

First I made sure I have wet canvas carriers for the boards and canvases I plan to take. Can’t carry wet paintings home in the back of a packed car… Once that was settled, Burnt Sienna paint thinned with solvent was applied to the surface which was then rubbed with a soft rag, leaving this light toning as a starting background. Previously I’ve applied a med grey opaque layer of paint when I wanted to not start with a glaring white surface. This is Susan’s suggested method and I think I’ll like it better.

Image of drying surfaces Image of more drying surfaces

This is going to be a two part project as I only have so much space to let them dry for several days and I have more to do.