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Strange doings in Germantown!

November 16th, 2009

I live in a fairly urban area. Granted there are yards with lots of trees and gardens and it is about 3 blocks to a large park along a busy bus route, but it is in the City of Philadelphia and the usual wild life we get are stray cats and a possum or two. Today about 10:00 in the morning a full grown deer ran between my house and my neighbors—maybe 20 ft apart—into their back yard. It stood near a large bush and by the time we could get a camera it was gone. Don’t think my garden has seen a deer in a very long time, but you never know.

My street used to belong to a house on Germantown Ave. which was built in the 1600’s. Properties facing the avenue were long and narrow. Narrow on the street side but long enough to accommodate gardens, orchards and stables. During the Battle of Germantown, revolutionary soldiers had to hop fences as they chased each other through these narrow yards.

Land was subdivided after the Civil War and it is now a neighborhood of Victorian homes where stables or carriage houses have been turned into coveted homes. There has not been any livestock kept here for many years, (although Luke does keep chickens, but that’s another story). So a misplaced deer is a big deal.


July 27th, 2009

I live in a community of gardens. Most of the houses are Victorian and many have iron fences around their yards with iron gates. This spring I took pictures of many of the styles of fences—there are many more—and thought I’d share some here.

open gate hairpin fence
Open gate and Classic Hair Pin Fence

open gate hairpin fence
Asymmetrical Gate and and Maxwell Mansion’s Fence*

open gate hairpin fence
Strong Graphic Fence and Gate

open gate hairpin fence
Circular Gate and its Fence

fence post fence post fence post
Fence Posts

* Maxwell Mansion is a Victorian House Museum in my neighborhood.

Peas have grown

July 9th, 2009

Once again, it’s been awhile. . . Yesterday I took a photograph of my little pea tripod—it’s almost done for the year—to the right is a tomato plant which re seeded itself. Below it is a little cement bunny.

Pea Tripod cement bunny

I have a love/hate thing about little cement critters. There is a garden stand in Lancaster called Hoover’s which sells all sorts of cement garden things—they also sell good oatmeal/raisin cookies along with lots of plants. We always try to stop when we are in the area. They have lots and lots of cement garden things all over their parking lot. Over to the right are some tables with smaller pieces—bunnys, frogs, squirrels and . . . turtles.

First I bought a sheep and that’s the sheep I photographed every day in spring of 2007. I also have a small gnome named Monty after the movie. He exists under a holly tree, covered with ivy.

I really don’t like cement garden things—maybe a bird bath or so but little critters. . . So I hide them under bushes etc. I have this small bunny and a squirrel but I realize I’ve collected a lot of turtles—as things die down in the fall I find more and more. Perhaps I’ll post some pictures of them—and come out of my cement critter closet.

Crazy Weather

April 8th, 2009

Spring’s not all Rainbows!
On March 29, 2009 we had a day which wasn’t great, weather wise but nice enough to plant some peas. I made a little bamboo tripod for them to grow on.

Pea TripodPea tripod in hail
Then about an hour later it got very dark and started to thunder and then hail!

Hail Storm
Here is another image of the hail from my front porch.

Obama Rally in Germantown, PA

October 12th, 2008

Yesterday I went to an Obama rally in Vernon Park here in Germantown, PA. Our friends, Ilene and Robert and Jane and Drew drove to our house and we walked over. We were in a half to three quarter mile long line. (The people who got up front went at 7:00, we went at 10:30.) We were lucky to get into the park before Obama finished speaking but even the line itself was wonderful. So many people of all types—ages, races, shapes and sizes—all smiling and being together.

Obama Rally

Obama rally
The line snaked up and down tiny streets in Germantown—some home owners sticking their heads out wondering what was going on and others placing speakers with music outside for the folk in line. It felt like one big party.

Afterward we went to Cafette, a wonderful restaurant in Chestnut Hill for lunch—it was a sparkling sunny day so we ate outside—many people at the café had their rally “Germantown for Obama” stickers on—we bought cookies to take back to Ilene and Robert’s house and ate on their deck not wanting the beautiful day to end.