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May 11th, 2011

Speaking of wetlands, choreographer, Jeanne Ruddy, created the dance, Oceans 1:Wetlands, out of her concern for the fate of the NJ Wetlands.

We did publicity photos for the season performance. It was Dec and the dancers were barefoot—boots and coats near by!

©Bob Emmott photographing Jeanne Ruddy Dancers.

Photo shoot for Oceans1:Wetlands

Jeanne’s company, Jeanne Ruddy Dance is based in Philadelphia. Their web site is

Something’s Fishy

October 9th, 2009

I maintain a design/photography studio with my husband and business partner, Bob Emmott. We are located in Center City, Philadelphia. Our web site is
When business gets a little slow we will give ourselves assignments. Some thing we don’t necessarily get to shoot for clients. This summer we spent time photographing on location at a commercial fishing pier in NJ. One particular day they were especially busy with boat loads of yellowfin tuna, swordfish, bluefish and croaker.


July 23rd, 2008

Awhile back I planned to upload images on a regular basis but that didn’t happen—so—I’m trying again!

I recently had an operation—it was a big thing and it wasn’t a big thing. Thanks to laparoscopic surgery I’m up and about quickly and all seems well. I had had to decide whether to have the operation or not and it turns out that if I hadn’t I would shortly have needed emergency surgery. The whole thing has had me thinking about time—how one spends it—how it seems to pass more and more quickly—and how easy it is to waste it. And how easy it is to intend to post pictures regularly and then time slips away!

Pic de week

February 17th, 2006

The garden thing doesn’t seem to work since the last entry was September so… I’m going to try posting an image a week. I’ll aim for Fridays so we’ll see how it goes. (I’ll still garden as time goes by but some of my garden will now grow images.)

This Friday I’ll start with a view from my studio window.

view from my studio window
As you can see it’s a rainy day in Philadelphia.