Where has this summer gone?

August 12th, 2010


Been too hot and buggy to enjoy my garden. Lots of time spent trying to wrap my head around HTML5 and CSS3 for web work. Did get to see Kevan, Erin, Cooper and Fletcher one weekend.

Will be heading for IRELAND soon on a job/vacation. One of my clients, has an arts foundation in County Mayo and they want to increase it’s web presence so I’ll be meeting with the people there to get a feel of the operation and the area. Bob is coming as well as I want him to shoot video for it. We are going a few days earlier to do a little touristing in Dublin and on the west coast and then will stay in a cottage on the North Atlantic. Not to shabby.

Never been to Ireland, hope to see the Book of Kells and do some hiking. Then back as school starts the next morning. I enjoy projects like this (duh) for the obvious but also because the time spent working on it after I return is like my head is still there.

Don’t know if I will have much internet, certainly not in our cottage so that will take some getting used to but if I do, I’ll post about it.

Oh, never did get a fig tree.