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Where is the Summer Going?

July 8th, 2017

Been a while… trip to Chicago for Bobby and Liz’s wedding – beautiful wedding and got to spend time with my sister, Nathalie, which was a treat as she lives in FL and we don’t get to see each other very much! Did a lot in a short time, visited Fermi Labs (that was a treat) and photographed bison, got into Chicago which I haven’t been to since I studied at Lake Forest many years and another life time ago… Did an architectural boat tour and to the Museum of Science and Industry to see their train exhibit which was on Bob’s list. Saw Hope and Cindy coming and going in Columbus… so that was a major quick trip…oh did I mention it was a road trip!

Image of Robert and Liz McQuade Image of Wilson Hall at Fermi Labs
Wedding and Fermi Labs
Image of Bison at Fermi Labs Image of Bob Emmott photographing at Museum of Science and Industry
Bison and Bob

Been working on a web site for a neighborhood group which is coming along but taking longer than it should due to my eye surgery…but that’s been fun working with the members of the group. Other stuff here and there but… WHERE’S THE SUMMER GOING… Getting ready for a trip to Colorado – visit Mary and Estes and then study tapestry with Rebecca Mezoff – this is not a road trip! Once I’m back, we hope to get in a trip to Maine and then school will be starting. I will no longer teach at Philadelphia University but at a hybrid called “Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)” – I’m not to say “…formally Philadelphia University” so I won’t – I’ll say “…formally Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science” which it was and still is in some hearts!

Drawing class-Color

November 18th, 2016

One of my favorite exercises I have my drawing students do is to draw/paint with watercolors a set up of white objects with colored gels on the lights. It adds to the study and observation of values, helping to train their eye to see what they see and not what they think they know is there. It’s also pretty and a bit dramatic.

Color setup
Color set up for my drawing class at philadelphia University.

iPhone Croquis

May 27th, 2015

When I teach figure drawing I work with each student but then leave them alone a bit to let them concentrate without my wandering the room. One day as they were working on croquis, I did some sketching of my own – on my iPhone – with my finger! Used Sketchbook Pro app. Bit of model, bit of students – Results were crying out to be put to use…

Croquis Pattern
Drawn on iPhone

Last night I joined a group on Tuesday evening who draw with a life model. This group concentrates on croquis for 3 hours. I will say I do like working with charcoal better! But this was fun and made the point that not having a sketchbook with one is no reason for not sketching… they ALWAYS have their phones with them!


October 30th, 2013

Going to teach a 3 credit drawing course next semester and excited about it. Drawing has been part of many of the various courses I have taught in the past but I’ve never taught a straight drawing course—what luxury!

Type Crimes

January 30th, 2012

Been awhile. The holidays and then start of school. But things are settling down—a bit.

I teach a class in typography and whenever I cover a subject I see examples of it and its abuse everywhere. I’ve been covering the use of quotation marks, apostrophes and prime or hatch marks.

(Prime marks are straight up and down and are used with numbers to indicate inches or feet. Quotes and apostrophes are curved or slanted, depending on the font. )

They are used incorrectly so often that people have begun to accept them when they would not accept a straight up and down comma. (Hopefully!)

It was my Mom’s birthday and we took her out to dinner. The food and service was very good but the typography was all over the place. The other samples are within a few blocks of her condo. So, Type Geek had to document them. (click image for larger view)

Logo 1

Exterior sign for Aldo’s

Logo 1 Logo 1

Two more exterior signs—same restaurant

Logo 1 Fifth version

Logos on plates and menus

Logo 1 Logo 1

Two signs—two apostrophe treatments—same place.

What’s this?

What’s this?

Working from home

November 4th, 2011

I have moved the office and my work out of our large studio and I love it. I’m good at setting schedules for my self and can get a lot of work done. I might miss people being around all the time but I do teach two days a week at Philadelphia University so quiet space to work in is great!
I have two rooms on the first floor with a separate entrance, big windows, and space for our office, my computers and drawing table etc. (Yes, I do use a drawing table.) There is even a working fireplace for chilly days. Below is a picture of one side of the first room—the office to the left and my spinning equipment in the back. What took me so long to figure this out?

working from home.