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July 16th, 2016

Ink sketches of crows

Been wanting to combine my rust/tea dyed fabrics with bird images in a larger project – mainly crows and or hawks. So I’ve been researching and sketching crows as a start.

Drawing with thread on my sewing machine was my first idea.
Playing with tensions, stitches and rough drawing with machine

This was fun but… even though I want a rough sketchy line, I quickly saw it will take a while to gain control of this as a drawing medium. At the same time I’ve been stitching patterns and marks in the small dyed book I’ve been working on and thought I’d try this. More what I want and I can work more free form with out preliminary drawings on the fabric. But still have a ways to go…

Stitches in small book and first go at hand drawing crows with stitches

My other idea is to block print on fabric but I really want to have various drawings rather than a repeating image. The work forming in my head is about layers of experience, the passage of time and changes to our lives. The birds are currently observers in this process of life and decay and rebirth.


July 8th, 2016

Still working with dyed cloth…this time small book – still in the works… Once a graphic designer – always a book somewhere…
Still slow cloth – hand stitching…

Small rust dyed fabric book to date. Still working on it!

Henry Moore’s Sketchbook

July 20th, 2012

Working on sketching sheep for a project and remembered a book I haven’t looked at in years. “Henry Moore’s Sheep Sketchbook”. Dug out my copy and spent a rainy afternoon with an old friend and a cup of tea.

Henry Moore's Sketchbook

My copy with it’s dogeared cover.

Looked it up on line to see if it is still in print and discovered that it was reissued as a paperback. (Also found a video about the reissue.)

Cape May Wetlands Card

May 21st, 2011

Several years ago, on my birthday, we went to Cape May, NJ and visited a wetlands park there. Beautiful, warm spring day, Sunny with a breeze that russeled the tall grasses. We walked through the grasses and emerged to a swan floating in a small body of water.
This small accordion card was a reaction to a perfect day.
(click image for larger view)

©Today I Saw a Swan by Beth Emmott.

Today I Saw a Swan by Beth Emmott.

The center page is cut out with the two sided swan attached to a thread. The decorative corners of the pages are a nod to Victorian Cape May.

Accordion Post Card Book

April 11th, 2011

This is a very fun book I learned to make in a Book Arts Class in 1994 at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I’m sorry I don’t know the instructors name as she was quite wonderful.
The book can be viewed in two ways. If you open the book in a normal fashion, each page consists of 3 separate cards but each page turns as expected. This can be seen in the third image. If, instead, the covers are pulled apart, the cards flip to create a single image, in this case a color wheel. The fourth image is a close up of the image, (the covers would extend to the left and right).

© Color Book by Beth Emmott © Color Book by Beth Emmott

Standing Color Books

© Color Book by Beth Emmott © Color Book by Beth Emmott

Lying Flat, (opened normally and covers pulled apart)

This is a variation on an accordion book as the cards are attached to an accordion structure, with the top and bottom cards going in one direction and those in the middle going the other. I was teaching Color Theory at the time so that became the topic of my book.